Information for Authors

Paper selection

The selection is a two-stage process:

  • Abstract: First, a short abstract with maximum of 2 pages in the standard .PDF format, must be submitted by the author  through the Online Submission Portal.  A selection Committee will examine all the abstracts submitted during this first period (see dates) to ensure their suitability with respect to the AWTEC criteria. Papers falling outside the scope of AWTEC (as defined by thematic topics), papers consisting of commercial advertisement without any scientific or technical added value , or without novelty (except review papers), will be rejected. Authors will be informed on the decision before 1 March 2016. (Download icon_pdf submission guideline)
  • Paper: Authors of accepted abstracts will then submit their full paper through the web portal before the deadline. All papers will be peer reviewed by at least two reviewers who are experts in the field and have been nominated by the AWTEC Technical Committee. During the review period, authors may be asked by the reviewer to amend, correct or revise their paper. The final selection will then be made by the 15th of July, 2016 following which authors will be informed of their presentation type (see below).

Paper submission

If your abstract has been accepted for AWTEC 2016 then you must submit a full paper by the 15th June 2016 (12pm).  

You do this by logging in through the Author Log In link on the AWTEC 2016 website.

Once logged in, you will see a table with your details, your abstract title and status.  Your status will show ‘awaiting upload of full paper’.

Click on ‘Awaiting upload of full paper’ and this will take you to the upload page.

Choose your .pdf file, ‘Upload’ and then ‘Save and continue’.

Paper format

Full papers should be maximum ten pages long and must conform to the AWTEC 2016 paper template (WordLateX). abstract and full paper must be submitted exclusively as .pdf files. (size < 4Mb).

Presentation: Due to the limited number of slots for oral presentation during the Conference (~110), some papers will have to be presented as a poster in order to balance the sessions volume, depending on the final number of papers per track or per session. Nevertheless, all the accepted papers will be published in full in the archived proceedings of the 3rd AWTEC, regardless of their presentation type.

Author attendance

AWTEC presenter policy: papers accepted for oral or poster presentation will be included in the published Proceedings under the condition that at least one author attend the conference to present it.

Copyright transfer

All the accepted and presented papers will be included in the Proceedings of the AWTEC which will be permanently available for purchase on the web page. For this purpose, it is requested that authors/copyright owners assign copyright to AWTEC by signing the copyright transfer form attached to each paper.

Official language: English

All communication, presentations, papers and posters will be in English. No translation will be provided by AWTEC organizers.


Submission Portal


AWTEC 2018 Website:

For general AWTEC 2018 enquiries, please contact:

Prof. Chia-Ming Fan, Email: 
Post: No. 2, Bei-Ning Road, Jhongjheng District, Keelung City 202, Taiwan (R.O.C)(Department of Harbor and River Engineering, National Taiwan Ocean University)

To be our Conference Partner:

Please email us at

Exhibition Guidelines

Exhibition Guidelines


Local Organizing Committee of 4th AWTEC,


Conference Chair: Jiahn-Horng Chen


(Professor at National Taiwan Ocean University, Deputy Director of Research Center for Ocean Energy and Strategies)

  1. Name of the Conference

The Fourth Asian Wave and Tidal Energy Conference


  1. Organized by

National Taiwan Ocean University


  1. Periods of the Conference and Exhibition

Conference: September 9-13, 2018.

Exhibition: September 10-12, 2018 (9:00 – 18:00, scheduled).


  1. Venue

Howard Civil Service International House

No. 30, Sec. 3, Shin-Sheng South Road, Taipei, 106, Taiwan, R.O.C.

Tel No.:886-2-7712-2323

Fax No.:886-2-7712-2333


  1. Number of participants

300 (scheduled)


  1. Exhibition fee

120,000 NTD (tax incl.) / booth

  • Space: W 2,000 mm ´ D 1,500 mm ´ H 1,500 mm
  • 1 table (W 1,800 mm × D 600 mm × H 700 mm, with white cloth), 2 chairs
  • 1 power source (max 500 W)
  • 1 set of 2 spotlights (??)
  • Company name plate
  • The booth location will appear in the Program Book along with the company name and logo.
  • 2 badges are provided to attend all conference events.


  1. Application deadline for the exhibition

July 6 (Fri), 2018.

Fill out the application form for the exhibition, and send it to the Operational Secretariat by mail, fax, or email.

  • When applications reach the scheduled number, applications may be closed even before the deadline.
  • If the organizer decides that an exhibit and/or other application details are not suitable for the purpose of the symposium, the applicant may be refused entry into the exhibition.


  1. Exhibition fee payment

Exhibitors should transfer their exhibition fees to the designated bank account by July 20 (Fri), 2018.

  • Bank charges should be covered by exhibitors.
  • The transfer account information will be provided when the bill is sent after receipt of your application form for the exhibition.


  1. Allocation of tables
  • Exhibition arrangement will be decided by the organizer in consideration of the types and number of exhibits, and whether a demonstration is provided or not, and each exhibitor will be notified. Objections against this decision will not be accepted.
  • Details in the allocation of booths will be provided around mid-August, 2018.
  • Exhibitors are not allowed to transfer and/or exchange all or part of their booths without the organizer’s permission.


  1. Cancellation of applications

Cancellation of applications will not be accepted in principle. However, if you need to cancel your application for exhibition due to unavoidable circumstances, please contact the Operational Secretariat.


  1. Changes & cancellation

The organizer may change the period and/or opening hours of the conference, or cancel the opening of the conference due to unforeseen or unavoidable circumstances. In the case of cancellation, your exhibition fee will be returned, but you must cover the costs which have been paid by the organizer until the cancellation, according to the number of booths you applied for. Furthermore, exhibitors must cover the costs they incur by themselves.


  1. Delivery schedule of the exhibits (tentative)

The tentative schedule for the delivery and removal of the exhibits is shown below. The official schedule will be provided along with the notification of your exhibition allotment from the Operational Secretariat.


Schedule Time (scheduled)
Delivery and set-up September 9 (Sun), 2018 13:00-18:00
Exhibition September 10 (Mon)-12 (Wed), 2018 09:00-17:00
Removal September 12 (Wed), 20188 14:00-16:00



  1. Delivery route

The delivery route for exhibits will be provided along with the notification of your exhibition allotment. Also provided at that time will be notification on how to bring exhibits to the venue using a delivery service.


  1. Parking

At the time of delivery and removal of your exhibits, you are allowed to use a parking space near the carry-in entrance. Details of the parking space will be provided along with the notification of your exhibition allotment.


  1. Matters to be noted at the time of delivery and removal of exhibits
  • Do not obstruct other exhibitors during the transportation, unpacking, and displaying of your exhibits. Especially, please refrain from unpacking your exhibits at the delivery entrance.
  • Persons in charge of the exhibition must be present at the delivery and removal works for your exhibits.
  • The removal of waste and packaging materials from decorations at the exhibition venue after delivery, or unpacking of exhibits are each exhibitor’s responsibility.
  • At the time of removal, please completely remove your exhibits, including disposal of waste materials.


  1. Prohibitions

The following practices are prohibited:

  • Any practices that conflict with the Fire Service Act, the Building Law, or other related laws or regulations, as well as National Taiwan Ocean University Rules.
  • Displaying outside your own booth, and practices that are dangerous and/or inconvenient to other exhibitors.
  • Practices that can disgrace this international conference.


  1. Management of the exhibits and accidents
  • Exhibitors shall be responsible for the management of their own exhibits. The organizer shall not be held responsible for theft, loss, or damage of any exhibits, including compensation. Each company should take appropriate measures, such as buying insurance.
  • Accidents due to exhibitors’ practices shall be the exhibitors’ responsibility to resolve. The organizer shall not be held responsible for such accidents.


  1. Exhibitor’s Badge

Exhibitor’s Badges will be handed to your company’s staff member responsible for the exhibition. During the conference period, participants from your company must wear a badge.




Application for the exhibition & inquiries


Contact: Prof. Chia-Ming Fan, Program Chair of AWTEC 2018


Conference Secretariat



Department of Harbor and River Engineering, NTOU


2 Pei-Ning Road, Keelung, 202, Taiwan



Tel: +886-2-2462-2192 ext 6122



Email: awtec2018@gmail.c

Hotel Reservation

Hotel Reservation


To be announced.

Taipei – the host city

Taipei – The Host City


Taipei is Taiwan’s largest city as well as its economic, political, and cultural center. It is a modern cosmopolitan metropolis with a lively and diversified face, filled with exuberance.


From the world’s tallest building (2004-2010) to the biggest collection of Chinese art, Taipei invites you into a world of fascinating contrasts – a mix of the modern and traditional, with a generous dash of energy and friendly smiles to make this one of your most memorable trips to Asia.


The cultural kaleidoscope of Taiwan’s capital city pulses wherever you go. Incense – veiled temples dating back to dynastic times blend seamlessly with a neon street life of a decidedly more modern era. Taipei has dozens of world – class restaurants where gourmets can sample the best regional Chinese cuisine; and for the gourmand, there are plenty of night markets serving up scrumptious evening snacks in an environment of chaotic excitement and fun.


The polarities of Taipei are vividly present as well in the joining of the urban and natural. Just a few minutes from the heart of the city you can soak away the cares of the world in mineral – rich hot springs nestled in the lush mountain foothills ringing the Taipei Basin. And throughout the city there are plenty of trails, parks and other oases of tranquility to lift and invigorate your spirits.


Whether you’re just stopping over en route to another Asian destination, or planning a longer stay, Taipei is a many-faceted treasure that will call you back again and again.


Discover the heart of Asia in beautiful Taipei!


擺幾張相片 (可否請大煒提供?)

Visitor Infos

Thematic Topics

Thematic Topics

The conference topics span the fields of wave and tidal energy research together with offshore wind and OTEC, ranging from technical to cross-cutting policy, finance and environmental subjects. You are encouraged to submit abstracts in the following topics/categories:

  • Wave and tidal energy resource characterization
  • Device development and testing
  • Device hydrodynamics and structural mechanics
  • Device and environmental modeling
  • Power take-off and device control
  • Offshore wind
  • Offshore wind-wave and wind-current energy systems
  • OTEC systems
  • Environmental impact and appraisal
  • Policy development and legislation
  • Socio-economic impact
  • Grid connection and system aspects
  • Future markets and financing
  • Smart grid technology
  • Ocean energy system integration




AWTEC Executive Board

President Takeshi Kinoshita, Nagasaki Institute of Applied Science (Japan)

Prof. Chul H. Jo, Inha University (Korea)

Dr. Srikanth Narasimalu, Nanyang Technological University (Singapore)


AWTEC Organizing Committee

Irene Penesis, University of Tasmania, Australian Maritime College (Australia)

Mark Hemer, The Centre for Australian Weather and Climate Research (CSIRO)

Chee Ming Lim, Universiti Brunei Darussalam (Brunei Darussalam)

Shi Hongda, Ocean University China (China)

Weimin Liu, The First Institute of Oceanography (China)

Dengwen Xia, National Ocean Technology Center (NOTC) (China)

Rafiuddin Ahmed, University of South Pacific (Fiji)

Johnny C.L. Chan, City University of Hong Kong (Hong Kong)

K.W. Chow, The University of Hong Kong (Hong Kong)

Mukhtasor, Indonesian Ocean Energy Association (Indonesia)

Kyozuka Yusaku, Kyushu University (Japan)

Shuichi Nagata, Saga University (Japan)

Chang-Kyu Rheem, University of Tokyo (Japan)

Young-Ho Lee, Korea Maritime and Ocean University (Korea)

Seung Ho Shin, Korea Institute of Ocean Science and Technology (Korea)

Young-Do Choi, Mokpo National University (Korea)

Omar Yaakob, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (Malaysia)

Lim Yun Seng, Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman (Malaysia)

Myat Lwin, Myanmar Maritime University (Myanmar)

Htun Naing Aung, Union of Myanmar of Federation of Chambers of Commerce and Industries, Energy and Environment Cluster Group (Myanmar)

Ross Vennell, University of Otago (New Zealand)

Rajnish Sharma, University of Auckland (New Zealand)

Laura David, University of the Philippines (Philippines)

Sutthiphong Srigrarom, University of Glasgow Singapore (Singapore)

Narasimalu Srikanth, Nanyang Technology University (Singapore)

Michael Lochinvar Abundo, Nanyang Technology University (Singapore)

Cheng Han Tsai, National Taiwan Ocean University (Taiwan)

Jiahn-Horng Chen, Research Center for Ocean Energy and Strategies (Taiwan)

Chen Bang-Fuh, National Sun Yat-San University (Taiwan)

Chaiwat Ekkawatpanit, King Mongkut University of Technology Thonburi (Thailand)

Pham Hoang Luong, Hanoi University of Science and Technology (Vietnam)

Nguyen Binh Khanh, Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology (Vietnam)


EWTEC Advisory Committee

AbuBakr Bahaj, University of Southampton (UK)

Cameron Johnstone, University of Strathclyde (UK)

Mats Leijon, Uppsala University (Sweden)


Local Organizing Committee

Prof. Jiahn-Horng Chen (Chair), National Taiwan Ocean University.

Prof. Chia-Ming Fan (Program Chair), National Taiwan Ocean University

Prof. Pai-Chen Guan (Technical Chair), National Taiwan Ocean University

Prof. Yaw-Huei Lee, National Taiwan Ocean University

Prof. Wei-Chu Weng, National Taiwan Ocean University

Dr. Da-Wei Chen, National Taiwan Ocean University

Ms. Li-Shiou Yu (Secretary), National Taiwan Ocean University

Forng-Chen Chiu, National Taiwan University

Yi-Chih Chow, National Taiwan Ocean University

Ming-Chung Fang, National Cheng-Kung University

Ching-Yeh Hsin, National Taiwan Ocean University

Cheng Lin, National Chung-Hsing University

Cheng-Han Tsai, National Taiwan Ocean University

Robert Kuo-Cheng Tseng, CSBC Corporation

Ray-Yeng Yang, National Cheng-Kung University

Chih-Wei Yen, Industrial Technology Research Institute

Invited Speakers

Invited Speakers


To be announced.

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